Burlingham Woods

Burlingham Woods

(Last visited August 2020)

My happy place! Situated between Norwich and Great Yarmouth, this is a beautiful woodland that extends far and wide, connecting Burlingham to local villages across field paths and therefore making the trails ideal to explore further as your child grows.

There is a 1.5 mile loop which is accessible for pushchairs and wheelchairs (and bikes!) which starts at the church car park. This stretch is called ‘Drive Plantation’ and the compact surface meanders through the woodland. From the church, the path to the left has the compact surfaces, whereas the right-hand path is a bit more ‘au natural’ and can be muddy and a bit ‘rooty’ – although off-roader pushchairs should cope okay. Drive Plantation leads to Millennium Wood which has recently had ‘Burlingham Henge’ installed – wooden pillars around a beautiful oak tree, each having been decorated by a local community group in the shades of the rainbow.

You will find three brass rubbings along the left-hand path stretch, which have been created by the artist John Behm. Drive Plantation also has small patches of snowdrops in February.

Church Plantation is a mobility access walk but we found it a bit overgrown in the summer which has narrowed the path a bit – Drive Plantation has wider paths.

The Long Plantation and Belt Plantation are more suitable for baby carriers. I absolutely love the Belt Plantation woods – there are tree stumps and dens and it’s a gorgeous little walk.

The Long Plantation is full of snowdrops down towards the road in February and bluebells in May. If you cross the (very busy, fast) road you can discover Austin’s Wood which leads eventually to South Walsham.

Further down The Green towards Hemblington is Jary’s Wood and Adam’s Wood which are brimming with wildlife (but not particularly pushchair friendly!)

  • Length of walk: Accessible path route (from church to Millennium Wood and back) – c.1.5 miles
  • Facilities: None – but nearby is Ozzie’s Oinkers farm shop. Acle is 2.6 miles away, Hemblington 2.4 miles, Blofield 2.6 miles
  • Accessibility: Drive & Church Plantations and Millennium Wood accessible paths for pushchairs and wheelchairs
  • Toilets/baby change: None
  • Seating: Yes
  • Picnic area: No formal area but there are seats along the walk
  • Opening times: Always open
  • Entrance fee: None
  • Parking: Yes, at the church (free) and along Main Road – NR13 4TA (what3words: spaceship.groom.valve)
  • Other features: Snowdrops in February, Bluebells in May (these are at Long Plantation). The wooden henge round the oak tree is a nice feature

More info (with guides and maps) HERE

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