Nature activities

I love having “something to do” on a walk and during lockdown we used our Seek app every day to identify plants and insects.

My mum was great at teaching me about nature as a kid - she sowed the seed at a really early age so I want to do the same for my little girl.

I've come across lots of great resources and ideas since I've started writing this page so I thought I'd share these and any others I come across here.

Spring cover

Signs of Spring Challenge

Just a little 'Spring Bingo' I've made for us to take out on our walks. So much comes to life in spring. Now that it's March, we should be able to find most of these out and about - it's such a great time of year with everything waking up.


Half term challenges

February 2021 - Half-term: Themed Walks

I thought it might be an idea to have some stuff up my sleeve for us to do this half-term, as very little is open and we're limited as to how far we can travel.

So I’ve had a think about walks we can do this week and some activities too. Follow Instagram and Facebook posts for more details!

Click here for a pancake scavenger hunt sheet and here for a sensory walk sheet.

Lockdown 2

Lockdown Challenges:

In the first lockdown we all went on so many extra walks and we loved having a little task to do on each one.  I've created a set of challenges to do with my daughter during the month of November, but hopefully these will provide a bit of inspiration for activities to do on a walk to help your kids engage with nature. Download by clicking on the link below:


Autumn Nuts & Seeds Challenge:

Having crunched my way through many a walk at the beginning of autumn, I decided to create a little autumnal nuts and seeds challenge for my little girl – it's here for anyone who wants to use it on their walks as well! Download by clicking on the link below: