Adventure Trails

One of the things we all did more of in 2020 was "go for a walk". But more and more, we noticed things popping up on the walks - from fairy doors to painted rock trails. When we couldn't go far from our doorsteps, communities started coming up with ways to make "the same old walks" more interesting for the kids (and, let's face it, us!). So we thought... "What if we could come up with some portable 'pop up' trail resources?"

The idea behind our Adventure Trails is that communities can buy the sustainable, wooden boards to place along their local walks. There is a QR code (and written link as a back-up!) on each board which navigates to an information sheet hosted on this page.

Each board is made locally.. Sponsors of the walks can have their logos engraved on the boards to raise awareness of their services locally. Click on the picture below to see the factsheets: