Autumn Nuts & Seeds Challenge

I love having “something to do” on a walk and during lockdown we used our Seek app every day to identify plants and insects.  Having crunched my way through many a walk over the last few weeks, I decided to create a little autumn nuts and seeds challenge for my little girl – so thought I’d pop it on here for anyone who wants to use it on your walks as well!

My mum was great at teaching me this sort of stuff as a kid so I’m trying hard to “be more Mum”.

Second photo is courtesy of my friend Freya who I sent it to yesterday – she happened to be at Fairhaven and found them all in one go! Feel free to tag @routesforlittleboots on any collages or pics on Facebook or Instagram 🙂

Downloadable PDF here: Autumn nuts and seeds challenge

Autumn nuts and seeds challenge

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