Poringland Wood

(Last visited July 2020)

We had a great time adventuring here! It’s about a 1.5 mile woodland walk, many wide paths for pushchairs which opens up into a large basin half-way through the walk. We spent a great deal of time here on an old rope swing and investigating the amazing tree roots! The stream cuts through the walk. Just a warning – on the far (far) right path (which was a little less wide too) the small crossing was just one plank of wood, but if we’d taken the main path the crossing was much wider. Apart from this, it’s a largely accessible walk for pushchairs. As with any woodland walk, you may find muddy patches after heavy rain.

Blink and you’ll miss the car park – it’s a small entrance between the trees, just off the B1332 as you come into Poringland from Norwich. Look for the drop-curb between the trees just before the High School.

🌿 Length: Our route c.1.5 miles
🌿 Café: No but The Octagon Barn, Zaks, The Railway Tavern and the Community Centre are nearby. Highways Nursery and Green Pastures are only a 5 minute drive. Check all websites for Covid updates
🌿 Play area: No
🌿 Pushchairs: No obstacles but the usual woodland tree roots, some paths narrowed due to overgrowth and far right path had a narrow crossing (but other crossings available)
🌿 Dogs: Yes – allowed off lead but we didn’t see any mess
🌿 Loos: No
🌿 Seats: Yes
🌿 Picnic area: No but you could easily find somewhere to sit
🌿 Opening times: Always open
🌿 Entrance fee: Free
🌿 Parking: Free – NR14 7QP (what3words ///outsmart.final.jiggle)
🌿 Other: Not too busy. Entrance near a main road. Fab fallen trees to climb in, the pit was awesome for playing, stream was great for splashing in with wellies. And dens!

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