Poringland Community Woodland

Introducing Penelope! 🐍

When we went to Poringland Woods a few weeks prior to visiting here, quite a few people mentioned the other woodland in Poringland… and Penelope!

Penelope is a pebble snake that the community have lovingly created and added to over time – she’s pretty long now. The kids loved looking at all the different designs, we were there for ages!

Penelope has inspired my friends to create a website to track painted pebbles, so we’re going to start doing this! Take a look at the website: http://pebblemap.com/

It’s a lovely woodland, fine for pushchairs (I’m doubtful about wheelchairs). We found a slightly rickety swing and there’s a pretty pond on the north side. Mixed woodland terrain, lots of dens.

There is a Community Centre Café nearby – like many places, opening has been impacted by Covid so check the website beforehand.

Although there is a small car park off Carr Lane, it’s probably best to park at the community centre and start the walk at the pond, off Victory Avenue (see map).

🌳Length of walk: c. 1 mile
🌳Café: Yes, Community Café NR14 7WB – check website for Covid updates, although I’d err on the side of caution as I don’t think it’s up-to-date.
🌳Play area: Yes, at community park
🌳Pushchair friendly: Yes
🌳Wheelchair friendly: Unsure, but doubtful
🌳Dog friendly: Yes
🌳Toilets/baby change: Community Centre toilets currently closed due to Covid
🌳Seats along walk: Yes, by the pond
🌳Picnic area: Community Park
🌳Opening times: Always open
🌳Entrance fee: None
🌳Parking: Free, at the Community Centre, NR14 7WB ///park.delighted.revolts

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