Bawdeswell Heath

I had the loveliest afternoon traipsing around this route with my girl and dog. The highlights being some fantastic trees that were a small child’s dream for exploring, climbing in, climbing on, hanging off and peering inside!

I didn’t have wheels – the small bridge crossing the stream from the car park looked a bit tight, but just about manageable.  I’ve since heard from other parents that it is a bit of a squeeze but okay.

Follower comment: “We’ve been with our Phil and Ted’s pushchair no problem. Where we walked there was some steep part to go up and down which was the biggest challenge with the pushchair. Although we could have picked a different route. I loved how varied the landscapes and terrain was there.”

Other than that it’s no more or less pushchair friendly than any other woodland with tree roots here and there. It’s undulating. There’s lots to explore and run up and down. Several dens. It’s a circular route starting and finishing over the little bridge from the car park.

Nothing else there but a small car park (NR20 4SZ) but really close to Hamptons and Bawdeswell Garden Centre for toilets and refreshments. Enjoy – we did.  Sadly I lost all my photos save this one amazing tree!

🌿 Length: just under 1 mile

🌿 Café: The Hamptons and Bawdeswell Garden Centre are nearby. Check websites for updates and opening hours

🌿 Play area: No

🌿 Pushchairs/Wheelchairs: Not wheelchairs but just about manageable with pushchairs

🌿 Dogs: Yes – allowed

🌿 Toilets: None – closest are the Hamptons and Bawdeswell Garden Centre

🌿 Seats: No

🌿 Picnic area: No

🌿 Opening times: Always open

🌿 Entrance fee: None

🌿 Parking: NR20 4SZ (what3words ///gross.speaks.gobbling)

🌿 Other: A few beautiful trees to climb in and investigate!

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